Counter Strike: Global Offensive Players

As a member of the eSport industry, you are probably one of two things right now: you are one of the top Counter-Strike GO players, or you are striving to reach that point. Regardless of who you are, you can either bet on someone or have someone betting on you.

CS GO Players and Their Role

If you already play another MOBA game, you may have noticed that most team members have a clear role during the stream, straight from the beginning. This also applies to all CS GO players. By being assigned a role, you have more coordinated attacks. Therefore, you can become a much more effective player than you would be as a free flowing one – increasing your odds of winning the match.

Counter-Strike GO players will generally have one of two roles: they can either be on the attacking (terrorist) side, or on the defensive (counter-terrorist) side. Obviously, each of their roles in the game will be either to attack and earn points or protect so that the attackers can get points.

Raising Your Individual Ranking

When you go on the steam, you start working on your own ranking. The higher your rank is, the more chances you have to enter the CS GO top players. Those are the types of members that everyone will be looking for when forming a team because they have the best chance of winning the matches. By placing your bet on CS GO players, you get one step closer to the prize pool.

Become one of the CSGO pro players by going on the stream, winning CSGO tournaments, customizing your characters and raising your ranking. Or you can become an eSport supporter by betting on your favorite team and earning skins or items. Go on and find out how easy it is to be part of the top players on the steam!