According to the latest statements from the organizers of PGL Major Stockholm 2021, CS: GO fans should not worry about the global long-desired event. The championship will take place at the scheduled time, and even a change of its location will not prevent it.

Representatives of the PGL company claim that the championship will be held in Stockholm by all appearances. All necessary for this is obtaining permission from the country’s authorities to cross the Sweden borders for the players and all staff participating in the championship organization.

Another necessary point is issuing permission to the providers to hold a variety of public events in Stockholm. The latest decisions on this matter will be taken by the Swedish authorities no later than September 15th.

If at least one of the above requirements is not met, the providers will urgently start looking for a new location for the championship. In any case, tickets for the event will be available for purchase from September 16th. The final stages of the competition will be held from November 4th to 7th.