All CS GO Tournaments

Never miss out on Counter-Strike GO events again! Being informed means being on the top of your winning streaks. So, you always need to learn which Counter Strike Go events to join. This page will tell you everything about the upcoming CS GO tournaments as well as the prize pool you receive if you decide to join the game.

On Top of the Steam

As an eSport fan, you probably play a lot of Counter-Strike Go, no matter if you’re a professional or not. However, now it’s easier than ever to place a bet on the upcoming CS GO tournaments 2018 since there are many events to choose from.

Just go on the stream and decide which type of match you want to go for. Do you want to enter the premier league? Are you professional enough to be part of a major event? Or do you just want to test the waters and go for minor ones, with a smaller prize pool?

You can also opt for weekly or monthly matches in order to get skins and modes. They may not be as rewarding as the CS GO major tournaments, but they pave your way towards the top of your game. Check the list and find your favorite CS GO teams.

Placing Your Skin on the Line

Betting on CS GO tournaments obviously comes with risks, but just imagine getting your bet money back in skins. It would be totally worth it, wouldn’t it? By joining the steam, you can find out about the upcoming CSGO tournaments. At the same time, you will know what your odds are if you decide to set into the stream.

Out team at wants you to win, which is why we will be completely objective when it comes to Counter-Strike Go tournaments. Become a pro by never missing out on your favorite eSports!