It’s not a secret that the Valve representatives completely changed the qualification system for CSGO major 2020. The updated format of the competition still seems to be a bit complicated for the fans, so it is worth discussing these changes in more detail.

How can a team get the chance to reach CS GO major 2020?

If you have already managed to thoroughly study the schedule of minors (regional qualifying competitions), then you should put this information out of your head, because now, a worthy alternative has appeared – RMR tournaments, in which the participants will earn points with the main aim – get the prize pool. At the same time, the first series of intense matches has almost ended, and the second will be held in early autumn. Moreover, some groups can already safely buy tickets for CSGO major 2020, but for many other teams, all efforts are still in the future.

Which regions are represented at the qualifying competitions?

No doubt, cs go major 2020 is a large and prestigious tournament in which the best teams from different continents should participate. Still, to organize qualifying competitions online is quite a difficult task; therefore, applicants are divided into groups, according to the location. This is a necessary measure due to the global pandemic – the time when a lot is being done for the first time. The fact is that providing a high-quality Internet connection (for playing at a high level) between Europe and Asia is almost impossible. As for the CIS and North America, the situation is even more critical. Thus, we can thank the company representatives for the implementation of a new format, which has already fully justified itself.