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We are a team of professional analysts who want to make life easier for all bettors. It does not matter who you are – a beginner or a professional. Our tips and information will help you increase the patency of your predictions and bets on CS GO tournaments. Join us, and you will learn a lot!

CS GO Match Betting

Every CS GO player has watched at least once in his life broadcasts with a true Esports legend. Some do this to brighten up their time, enjoying the game of real masters. Others try to adopt their tactics and secrets to use them in their games. And the third group of people carefully monitors each game to bet on a team and possibly get a win.

As a rule, the category of people who bet on money do it at prestigious tournaments. And every day, there are many tournaments held all over the world. As a rule, the more prestigious the tournament, the higher its prize pool. Consequently, the motivation of teams to win in such a competition is much higher than in local small championships. The prize pools can be even millions of US dollars. Several years ago, such amounts seemed simply unattainable, but today it is an absolute reality.

CSGO Betting – Useful Tips

You probably already realized that each tournament has its characteristics. But how to understand and distinguish one type of championship from another? How to understand which matches you can bet and which not? Where is the schedule? You can find answers to all these questions on our website in the relevant sections.

All information is provided for free and is regularly updated by professional analysts. Every day you will receive information about teams, players and the schedule of upcoming events. Now you will not be able to miss important events, as you will be up to date with the latest news. Also, you will be able to select those games for which you want to bet independently. Make your choice wisely.

Keeping Up with the Odds

So, if you decide to engage yourself with eSports betting, then first you need to understand the rules of Counter-Strike. They are not very complicated, but you should not start betting without background knowledge. We remind that the activity of a bettor is always fraught with risks; therefore, you cannot rely on luck here.

Professionals always carefully study the pre-match situation and make a prediction on the outcome of the match before bet CS GO. To correctly make predictions and understand in-game mechanisms, experienced bettors play more than one hundred, or maybe a thousand hours. This allows them to understand the actions of players further. Besides, they carefully study the statistics of past matches, as well as the situation for each athlete.

CS GO Bet Prediction

How to make predictions for successful bets? To get started, open the schedule for upcoming Counter-Strike championships and select the most prestigious. This will allow you to be sure that the teams will do all their best in such a tournament. Next, go to the selection of a suitable match. Here you should not choose the confrontation of the favorites against 100% the outsiders since the odds for the victory of the leader will be extremely low. At the same time, the chance of losing the leader will remain. That is, the risks are not justified here. Once you have decided on a suitable match, decide what your bet will be – in pre-match or in live.

But in any case, carefully study all available information about rivals, paying particular attention to the following factors:

Evaluate and compare these factors, and only then decide which outcome of the confrontation is most likely. The more you analyze information, the more likely you are to predict the results.

CS GO Bets – The Choice of Bookmaker

Even the most experienced bettor with a good percentage of victories should choose a reliable betting company. You can choose such a bookmaker taking into account such criteria as a wide line scheme, quick deposit and withdrawal, convenient interface and technical support service.

On our site, you can compare several bookmakers for various parameters. It will not be superfluous also to read user reviews on the Internet. Better to spend your time once and make a choice, than to switch from one bookmaker to the other several times. And we give all the necessary information for your choice.

CSGOeasybets is a service designed to help both beginners and masters, bringing together gamers of various skill levels. Still, we all have one thing in common – the love of Counter Strike GO betting. Join our team and win!